Client Kudos


A Note From Tiffany…

As a planner & event designer I have always loved my line of work. I feel honored to be such an integral part of every event, from a couples wedding day, a foundation or charity event, a product launch, or social event such as a birthday or anniversary party.

The connection you have working so closely with the client to bring their vision of the event to fruition is one of a kind. This connection is even closer with a bride while walking her through one of the biggest moments in her life, and is like no other. I have shared some very special times with our clients and couples, some of which have made lasting impressions and long term friendships.

I feel honored to have worked with every client and I’m moved beyond words when I receive heartfelt letters and testimonials like these. Knowing that I have brought their visions to life is what my dreams are made of.


Jackie Long wife of NFL OT Jake Long

Where do I even begin to explain how valuable of an asset Tiffany Nieves-Cook was
for our special 4 day affair? With a huge guest list and a groom who wanted to go big, there was no way I could even think about doing this without a professional team. Tiffany’s years of experience, professionalism, attention to detail, ability to relate, innovative style, and creative ideas were invaluable. On top of all of these wonderful attributes, she has a great sense of humor and is so much fun to be around. Since planning our wedding, she has become one of my close, dear friends that I will cherish always.

We had some pretty outrageous and weird requests, and Tiffany never bat an eye and made our every wish come true. Nothing was out of her reach to accomplish and she gave us the wedding of our dreams. One of the things that I loved most about working with the Tiffany and her Dream Team was what I like to call the “Tiffany Treatment”.

We always felt like a top priority and we were always in control. We were a part of every decision and she respected our budgetary requests and was willing to work personally with every vendor to make sure everything was perfect for us. If an issue ever came up in the planning processes with a vendor, it was immediately addressed and corrected. I loved that Tiffany had the strength of character and personality to make things right when something went wrong to fix a mistake before it even happened.

Tiffany didn’t just plan our wedding, she planned a four day weekend that included an intimate family dinner, a welcome dinner, a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception, and a farewell brunch. My groom was highly involved and opinionated and I have a tendency to nit-pick and Tiffany made us feel completely at ease throughout the planning process. John Cook, the groom’s concierge, was also a huge asset to have because he took care of all of the guys and especially my groom on the wedding day! Seriously, every need that we had was anticipated and taken care of. All of our friends and family said it was the wedding of a lifetime and the best time they’ve ever had. No one had ever seen an event like this! Tiffany made dreams I didn’t even know I had come true!!!

We know with 100% certainty that using Tiffany Nieves-Cook was the best decision we could have made for our wedding, second only to marrying the loves of our lives.

Jackie & Jake Long

Newest Housewife Porsha Stewart wife of Kordell Stewart former NFL QB & ESPN Analyst

My experience during wedding planning & design with Tiffany Nieves-Cook was so enjoyable, relaxing and fun. I have always heard horror stories about planning so I was expecting to have to do it all myself even with a planner. However, with Tiffany the process was just the opposite. I had no Idea the direction I wanted to go in with decor, all I knew is I wanted fabulous and over the top luxury. After one meeting with Tiffany she completely captured my wedding dreams. Tiffany and her team created a fairytale better than I ever dreamed. From beginning to end she was hands on with all my planning needs and unexpectedly enough my emotional needs as well. Tiffany made sure I didn’t have a worry. My only job was to enjoy the planning process and be a bride, and know this was a once in a lifetime chance to be a princess and marry my prince charming.

The day of my wedding was so relaxing, yes I said relaxing. Tiffany and her team catered to my every need, I was treated like a queen. The Glam squad was very professional and super fun I will forever use them for every event.

When Tiffany showed Kordell and I the room for the big reveal I was Floored! All of my emotions were summed up in one tear because Tiffany had made my dreams come true with extra bling on top instead of a cherry. My reception room was fabulous the colors and lighting we chose and design of the space was absolutely perfect for making my husband and I center of attention. The Bling factor was in full effect, it seemed like the room was showered in diamonds and beautiful plush fabrics, with elegant modern touches throughout.

My husband Kordell and I loved how every part of our wedding was executed and are quick to refer anyone who wants to get married to Tiffany Nieves-Cook.

Thank you Tiffany & the Dream team!!


Porsha Stewart & Kordell Stewart

Dominique Landry wife of Dawan Landry NFL DB

When I think about the planning experience and of my wedding night, I am genuinely at a loss for words. I pride myself on being a practical, non-romantic, type of girl yet somehow when I scan my mind for the best descriptors for this night, the most accurate account would be that this was a literal fairytale, filled with all the merriment and fanciful delight typically associated.

It more than met my standards and expectations, it met my dreams. To step out of the limo and to be enveloped by the love of those closest to us in a space as beautiful as this, to walk down a rose covered aisle to the love of my life awaiting me with a huge smile, to stand under the flowers, stars, and…chandeliers pledging our vows of love and lifetime to each other and the Lord was everything I could ever hope for.

Tiffany’s design of the reception space was equally astounding and beyond what I could have personally imagined. The intricacy of the details and the perfection of the design made us feel not only special but heard, which I think from a client standpoint is what I appreciated most. This did not feel like a cookie cutter wedding, this felt like us- a wonderful representation of our love and years of partnership.

As one guest asked us to get married every year because this was “the best night of his life” and another mentioning he walked into our wedding and felt like “he made it”, our stomach ached from laughter and our hearts smiled with joy. I too echoed their sentiments, “we made it to the best night of our lives.” As I reflect on and relive this night, I am just so thankful for all the work of Tiffany Nieves-Cook and her Dream team and am honored to have been a client.

Dominique & Dawan Landry


I just wanted to send you a quick note and say that a year ago you helped Adam and I have the best wedding day we could have dreamed of! This has been a great year and as Adam and I went to Mexico to celebrate that it has been a year (already!) we just wanted to say THANK YOU! It is was day we will remember forever! Hope you are doing great!


Molly & Adam Ricks

Lana Cook wife of NFL TE Jared Cook

Tiffany Cook and her Dream Team are hands down amazing!

I had so many things going on and there was no way that I could plan our wedding alone. So I reached out to Tiffany about 3 months before our wedding and that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I say Tiffany and her team made my dreams come true, I mean I still feel like I’m dreaming!!

Every time I look at pictures of our wedding tears come to my eyes because it was so beautiful. Words can’t express how much I appreciate and admire Tiffany. She is extremely professional and pays attention to detail like no one I’ve ever met. I have a semi type A personality and it was extremely hard for me to allow someone to plan our special day for us…but Tiffany understood me and my vision and went above and beyond. She included me in every decision and made me feel like I planned our day when Lord knows she did all the hard work!

For Tiffany and her team to be able to pull off my dream wedding in such a short period of time shows how amazing she is. It feels weird not talking to Tiffany everyday because I really feel like she was not only my planner but a great friend. She’s such a sweet, understanding, caring, thoughtful person. I really feel like anyone who doesn’t hire Tiffany and her Dream Team are selling themselves short. She made every single one of my dreams come true and then some. I still get calls and texts about how beautiful my wedding was and how they have never seen a wedding as amazing as mine not even on TV.

I cant say it enough TIFFANY IS AMAZING!!

Lana & Jared Cook

Amazing! Perfection! These are the 2 words that I would use to describe Tiffany Cook & her Dream Team. She made my wedding dream become a reality. She is so down to earth & so much fun to work with. She walked me through every step from start to finish & made the entire wedding planning process enjoyable! My husband & I are still amazed when we look at pictures from our wedding day. The thing I “LOVE” about Tiffany is her attention to detail. She has an eye for décor that most people don’t have. She walks into an empty room & transforms it in her mind instantly. I would recommend Tiffany to any bride who wants an FABULOUS WEDDING! I gained a dear friend & I will definitely be using her for my baby showers in the near future. My husband & I could never thank Tiffany Cook Events enough for such an AMAZING WEDDING DAY!


Keela & Marion

I had the pleasure of working with Tiffany Cook and her Dream Team. After a rocky start with another planner with the planning of our wedding, we contacted Tiffany with 6 months to spare.

Right away she made me feel like we knew each other for years. Tiffany did not only make me feel a wonderful sense of relief, right away, that everything would be okay. Tiffany did that through out the whole process of planning. I never felt any pressure or worry to get anything done. Any meeting I would run late too she would already be there and telling me to relax!

I really grew a very quick bond with Tiffany. She was amazing and from the start we were on the same page. She offered me weekly skype meetings as I was a international client, but that never happened as Tiffany answered all my calls, emails, messages and skype meetings whenever I wanted. She kept me at ease any time of the day I wanted.

We had a full wedding week with international guests and 4 days of events that were flawlessly done. The day of our wedding both my new husband and I were in awe with how absolutely beautiful everything was. I know we spoke of it for months but to see all of Tiffany’s creations come to life was magnificent. Her attention to detail and the ability to make your most crazy dreams come to life is a gift! I have found a friend in Tiffany and how special she made my new Husband and I feel and made my dreams come to life and come true!

Melissa & Dean

Dear Tiffany (and crew),

I want to thank you for the most amazing day ever. Words cannot describe my gratitude and thoughts of how perfect our wedding was. Robbie and I enjoyed every single moment and our memories of our day will forever bring a smile to our face. It was truly spectacular. You are amazing and fabulous. You helped create the most beautiful reception, it was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. I do not know what I would have done without you and your staff on my wedding day and throughout the months leading up to it. I love every vender you introduced me to. Without you, I would have never had the most amazing photographer, DJ, venue, flowers… Ugh… I just wish I could relive it over and over.

And I just want to add…. People are still talking about our wedding…4 months later. Every single guest has mentioned several times that it was the best wedding they have ever been too. You went above and beyond. Words cannot express my feelings… still. Robbie and I are still giddy over it. Every detail was gorgeous. I still wish I could just look around one more time. People always ask me if I could do it again, would I change anything? I can’t think of one thing… Except for the rain.

If I could only turn back the hands of time… I hope your wedding plans are going well. I can’t wait to see pictures.

All our love and gratitude,

Bari and Robbie XOXO


I can’t thank you enough for everything that you did for us. We had an absolutely amazing wedding. We love you! You have an amazing job! you get to experience the joy and happiness of life! WE love and are so thankful for everything that you and your staff did for us.

I know I was not one of your “platinum” brides; but in my heart i felt like it and you made me feel that way! Thank you again for everything! We love you!

Allana & Carlos


It was a pleasure working with you on all the planning and details for our wedding. We are still getting countless “WOWS” from everyone! Thank you so much for all of your help, and for everything that you and the rest of your staff and vendors did for us, everyone was wonderful to work with! The whole wedding weekend was amazing!! It was a fantasy wedding come true, or as one guest put it ” The Little Mermaids Fantasy Wedding” Ha! We can’t thank you enough, it was above and beyond the wedding of our DREAMS!


Kim & Paul